take me away
to a place i don’t know
teach me to be
allow me to grow

show me a place
that i’ve never seen
speak foreign words
and explain what they mean

let me discover
who it is inside
that lives in my soul
and won’t cease to hide

take me somewhere
where i can be free
no need for disguises
show me how to see

let me break free
from the constricting chains
and let me escape
from the heartache and pain

allow me to travel
anywhere far and wide
to learn about myself
so that there’s no need to hide

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a toast

a toast to you
a toast to me
to what we have
and what used to be

a toast to them
a toast to us
a toast to removing
the crazy fuss

a toast to romance
and to our hearts
and a toast
to every start

a toast to your hands
and to your lips
and to the way
you move your hips

a toast to your skin
and to your smell
and to the fact
that i once fell

a toast to your warmth
and to your heat
and to the forces
that made us meet

a toast to this year
and the best to come
a toast to the year
that makes us one!

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your eyes turn green
when they cry
how did hello
become goodbye?

your body shakes
can’t keep it warm
what did you hide
during the storm?

your lips tremble
they try to smile
when did pleasure
become a trial?

your mind is lost
can’t find its way
what can i do
to make you stay?

your heart beats loud
it still stays strong
will it continue
for how long?

take my hand
i’ll lead the way
conquer tomorrow
with today

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my heart races
can’t make it stop
so many faces
i fear i’ll drop

eyes wide open
i wring my hands
my knees are weak
wandering this strange land

i feel i’m spinning
i’ve lost my way
without your numbers
i would stray

i take a moment
to breathe in deep
i try my best to stop
in the city that doesn’t sleep

every muscle tenses
one foot goes in front of the other
but closing my eyes
doesn’t help me recover

i feel your power
hear your sounds
feel the energy
through the ground

i surrender freely
not a moment too soon
the power’s enough
to make me swoon

i lift up my head
i open my eyes
it just takes a moment
to finally realize

i know where i’m going
my heart knows what’s true
my compass will always
lead me home to you

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fragments of
a shattered mind
all the memories
left behind

every breath
a gasp for air
a lifetime of moments
she was going to share

now the blessing
is each day
is it the last?
no way to say

the rest of us
thinking of things
like big houses
and diamond rings

and yet a smile
is on her face
providing strength
a saving grace

she did her best
she had to try
no regrets
one last goodbye

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the spell

the altar is set
and in front of it
a young witch sits
the candles lit

she looks ahead
he’s in her mind
his touch cannot
be left behind

so she keeps it
in her heart
and whispers of
a chant do start

a spell she casts
to bring him near
she still trembles
her mind won’t clear

no amount of magic
has erased his charms
she can’t stop the yearning
for being in his arms

their meeting brief
tortured her soul
filled her with want
she’s lost control

but Cupid’s arrow
is no joke
this kind of magic
can’t be revoked

the spell is done
she stops to smile
only time will tell
if it was worth her while

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the door

for you my dear, i have opened the door
i have let you inside and allowed you to explore
i led you to a place deep inside me
when you held me and touched me, what did you see?

did you like the way it felt when we became one in the night
without a care in the world, no worries, no fright?
what did you feel when you held me so tight
love, heat, lust or just simply delight?

was there any emotion behind the sensation
of dazzling lust and physical revelation?
were you looking for love and complete devotion,
or were you completely void of emotion?

tell me darling, how you perceived things to be
and explain what you liked, what filled you with glee
show me the way to the road we travelled before
and if you knock really hard, I just might open the door

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